Posted by: Amanda | December 27, 2006

It begins…

I have wanted to start my own blog for some time, but never found the time amongst college, marriage preparation, and all of the busy activities in my life. Now, however, I have more free time and plan to become a blogger.

For all those who would like a little background information on me: I am twenty-three years old and married to my wonderful husband of six months, J.R. I am the oldest of my parents’ six children, the youngest of whom is only four months old. I am a practicing Catholic who loves her faith very much. I have a degree in theology, as well as another degree that I earned in horticulture before I switched majors (and colleges). I work for the U.S. government currently, but I do not plan on making a career of my job. Finally, I have two horses and a dog that require a fair amount of my time, in addition to my other interests which will become known as I continue to blog.



  1. Wow, we’re right with each other on all this. 23, pregnant, and newlywed describe me pretty well too. Hope you are able to find a midwife or at least an understanding ob-gyn.

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