Posted by: Amanda | January 6, 2007

Our First Christmas and New Year

J.R.’s and my first Christmas as husband and wife was wonderful. We spent Christmas Eve together and alone for the most part, and began the celebration of the Feast of the Nativity of Christ by attending midnight mass together. After we arrived home, we placed the infant Jesus into the manger of our nativity set. We opened our gifts to one another before we turned in for the night as well (J.R. is not very good at waiting for surprises, both ones that he has planned and are planned for him). On Christmas morning we went to my parents’ home to visit for the day, it was one of the most enjoyable Christmases in recent memory. We did not do anything particularly extraordinary, but spending quality time with family is special always.

Our Christmas tree

We spent New Year’s Eve with J.R.’s family. It was enjoyable to visit with his parents, brother, niece, and nephew; particularly since their Florida vacation had prevented us from seeing them for over two weeks before Christmas until a couple days after Christmas. At any rate, we rung in the New Year by watching the ball drop, toasting with sparkling grape juice, and setting off poppers; which all added up to a wonderful night. J.R. and I spent most of New Year’s day at home together, which we found very relaxing since we had spent the previous (almost) three weeks caring for all of the animals at his parents’ house.

Tomorrow will bring the end of the Christmas season with Epiphany and a belated Christmas party with J.R.’s family. All in all, I have had an enjoyable holiday season in which great memories have been made. Still, I look forward to the more normal routine that returns with the end of the holiday celebrations.


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