Posted by: Amanda | January 13, 2007

Our Announcement

The time has come that J.R. and I make our official announcement: I am expecting. Our baby is due near the end of July (due date: July 23, 2007). This makes me in the twelfth week of my pregnancy.

Although the morning sickness has been bad enough as far as I am concerned (I have caught myself more than once thinking about how I wish my stomach would be better behaved and not get hungry so often), I feel blessed to have had it as good as I have. I have kept working my part-time schedule and haven’t had to deviate from my normal routine too much. This is in sharp contrast to my mother’s last three pregnancies, in which she spent the first two trimesters essentially bedridden and unable to eat much.

J.R. and I do not plan on learning the gender of our baby, we would like to leave it a surprise. I have been told that J.R.’s mother has never been wrong when it comes to guessing the gender of a baby though.

This is the end of my brief announcement concerning our ‘big news.’ I am sure that there is much more to come concerning the developments that will take place in my pregnancy between now and when our baby arrives.


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