Posted by: Amanda | February 15, 2007

A (somewhat) disappointing first St. Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was J.R.’s and my first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife. With our congested, aching bodies and overall lack of energy due to the colds that we have been battling, it is safe to say that our first Valentine’s Day did not turn out anywhere near as enjoyable or romantic as we would have imagined it to be. J.R. and I went grocery shopping on Monday out of necessity and J.R. had me pick out my own flowers as a valentine gift. I, the practical horticulturalist that I am, chose a bouquet of carnations (which J.R. selected), not because I like them better than roses, but for the several advantages that they have over roses: they tend to look better and hold up longer than roses, and they are a more economical buy since one can get twenty to thirty carnations for about the same cost of two or three roses. I am not saying that the carnation/rose substitution should be applied to every woman on Valentine’s Day (as I pointed out to one of my brothers), but it works for me since I enjoy flowers in general and do not worry about what species of flower I receive (every flower is beautiful in its own way and it is the thought that really counts). Not to let tradition fall away, however, J.R. surprised me with a single red rose first thing yesterday morning, in honor of our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.

All in all, I would say that the only reason why I can say that our first Valentine’s Day was ‘disappointing’ is because J.R. and I were not feeling well, which put a damper on us really enjoying spending time together. The important thing is that we were together and showed our love for one another in simple ways yesterday. I see St. Valentine’s Day as being about reminding all those whom you care about that you care about them, and not so much about lavishing gifts upon a significant other or making extravagant plans with them; however enjoyable the latter may be.


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