Posted by: Amanda | February 15, 2007

Winter Break, 2007

J.R. and I returned from our over a week-long trip to Florida last
Wednesday. This post has been delayed because I have been either
working or feeling under the weather, due to a terrible cold, since our
return. We had a lovely vacation. Apparently the timing of our vacation
could not have been better for getting out of Michigan’s single-digit
days that we ‘missed out’ on. The weather in Florida treated us fairly
well, we spent the majority of our vacation enjoying 70+ degree
weather, though there were some days when it rained a bit and only
reached the mid-60s and we were spared by the now-famous tornadoes that
ran through Florida during our visit there. While J.R. has been to
Florida more times than he can recall accurately, this was my first
visit there as well as my first glimpse of an ocean. We spent several
days at Disney, visitedSanibel Island, and pattered around other
popular tourist attractions (my two favorite of which were A World of
Orchids, and the Medieval Times dinner theater); my only regret is that
our vacation could not have been longer so that we could have done
several other highly desirable activities while we were in Florida.

An update on my pregnancy: I am now in the second trimester (hurray!) The
nausea and morning sickness have been steadily decreasing and are
absent often; hopefully they will disappear completely soon. J.R. and I
bought the first gift for our baby on our vacation as well: a very
soft, Winnie the Pooh stuffed bear. Time will prove how practical of a
gift Pooh will be, but I played with and kept near to me (and still
have to this day) the teddy bear that my own mother bought for me
before I was born. Since most children keep a special stuffed animal
near to them when they are young, I expect that my own will be no
different most likely.


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