Posted by: Amanda | March 1, 2007

Pregnancy Update

I think that it is safe to say that I am over the nausea and morning sickness that go along with pregnancy officially (and have been for several weeks). I have been feeling normal, even great (other than my cold) for the past few weeks. I have even reached a point where my stomach is no longer very picky and I do not have to worry about eating at the first hint of hunger in order to avoid feeling nauseated. All things considered, I am pleased with the state of my body at the current time (I am in the nineteenth week of my pregnancy, we’ll see how much longer I feel this way for).

In other news, next week is my ultrasound. Drinking and then retaining that much liquid for a couple of hours seems a semi-daunting task, but I am sure that I can handle it, every other pregnant woman seems able to do so. My larger fear is that the ultrasound technician will tell us the gender of the baby accidentally (I have heard of it happening). At any rate, I am sure that it will prove to be an interesting experience, and though I have a couple of concerns, I am not really worried about it.


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