Posted by: Amanda | March 10, 2007

On the Ultrasound

This week marks the half-way point of my pregnancy: I have reached the twentieth week. I managed to survive the ultrasound this past Wednesday, and am happy to report that it was not bad at all. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable to drink that much water at once, but it is nothing that cannot be survived (as my predecessors had proven already). We also came through not knowing the gender of our baby, so that surprise remains (happily) and JR and I will have to continue working on coming up with names for both a boy and a girl. Our baby came through the ultrasound brilliantly as well, measuring up with healthy levels of everything that was taken into consideration and falling exactly in the middle on the developmental charts for other babies at twenty weeks gestation. The later is a fact that I am glad about particularly, since I would like to have an average-sized baby, rather than an extremely small or extremely large baby. I know that JR enjoyed being present at the ultrasound, as he expressed disappointment when I told him that in all likelihood it would be the only ultrasound of the pregnancy.

I have been noticing the baby moving for several weeks now, but this week is noteworthy in the department of baby movement for two reasons: 1. The baby has been moving considerably more this week; and 2. If I place my hand on my tummy I can feel said movement. JR has not felt the baby move yet, however; hopefully he will be able to do so soon.


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