Posted by: Amanda | April 28, 2007

Sleep Update

It is touch and go pertaining to my sleep lately. I have had a couple nights in which I fell asleep and slept just fine, a couple of nights where I could not fall asleep easily, and a few mornings in which I woke up early and could not fall back to sleep. Thus far (knock on wood), there have been no repeats of last Friday when I both could not fall asleep and then woke up too early. Despite my difficulty sleeping, I seem to be functioning well, however. So, despite the fact that I do not like not being able to fall asleep sometimes, as long as I am able to get some good sleep, things seem to be working out just fine. Additionally, I have found that I tend to sleep pretty well on the nights following the nights when I slept horribly. Waking up earlier even has its advantages, such as: having time to prepare and eat a nutritious and filing breakfast, not having to rush my morning routine in order to avoid being late for work, and having time to accomplish something around the house or in town before I head to work, to name a few.

In other pregnancy-related news, I do not think that I have mentioned how much of a sweetheart J.R. has been in relation to my pregnancy lately. J.R. was there to help me out in the early days when the morning sickness was no fun, has happily discussed baby names with me along the way (still no picks, however), and attended some of the prenatal appointments with me – but aside from the ultrasound where he saw pictures of the baby (which he enjoyed very much), he has not had real contact with the baby except through me, until the first time that he felt the baby move. Although I do not know for certain, it seems to me that it was right around the first time that J.R. felt the baby move that he started to get excited about having a baby really. I have a hunch that women, who have contact with the baby growing within their womb from day one, quickly develop an attachment to their child and feel like a mother even before their baby is born. In general though, it is harder for men since they are neither physically nor emotionally as close to the baby as their wives, and tend to not feel much like a father until the baby is born. This is the way that it has worked out for J.R. and I, in this pregnancy, at least on some level.

As a final note: Several people at work mentioned my pregnancy to me this week, so either I am starting to look pregnant or word is getting around of said fact. I tend to believe that it is a mixture of both.


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