Posted by: Amanda | May 18, 2007

Thirty Weeks

For whatever reason, unknown to me, my sleep seems to have improved as of late. Perhaps I have adapted to my growing tummy and the fact that I need to learn to sleep despite its presence or I am going to face a very long, tiresome next ten weeks. Perhaps there is another reason, I may never know, but I am grateful for the increase in sleep certainly.

Wednesday was my thirty week appointment with the CNM. Everything seems to be progressing well. My tummy is still measuring exactly on track for where I am in the pregnancy, and the CNM thinks that the baby has turned to a head-down position already (something that makes me happy, since the idea of a breech baby does not excite me).

Last Thursday (May 10) marked the first really powerful “kicks” from the baby. Now I quite often see my tummy move markedly when the baby is moving. J.R. has noticed this phenomena as well.

As for my increasing tummy size, I am now to a point where I either need to wear maternity clothing, or clothing that had some extra room before I was pregnant, and I have found that my skirts, etc. with an elastic waist fit fine still as of this writing. During the times when I manage to forget that my stomach is growing at a rather rapid rate, I am usually brought back to reality by someone at work, since at least one person per day asks me how I am doing or when I am due now.

All in all, I am feeling well, am comfortable, and able to function in all of my normal capacities for the most part, so I am feeling pretty good about this pregnancy right now; hopefully it will stay that way. Besides my tummy’s size, the only things that have affected me much up to this time are: weight restrictions (somewhat limiting as a horse owner), my need for a little more rest than before, and my appetite (which has either increased since the beginning of the third trimester, or the fact that my stomach cannot function quite normally with a baby taking up much of its normal living quarters is affecting me). Honestly, with only a few things that are even having an affect me, I cannot help but feel blessed to be having a relatively active and healthy pregnancy.


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