Posted by: Amanda | June 15, 2007

My Busy Life

Much to my dismay, I realized that it has been nearly two weeks since I last blogged. In short, things have been busy. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been comparing auto insurance quotes (only to find that what we’ve got is about as well as anyone can do for us at this time, but at least I know that for a fact now), and searching for new apartments. The lease on our apartment is up at the end of July, and though we recognize that moving during the same month that I am due is not ideal, neither would be moving with a newborn – or paying an extra $100/month rent (for not signing a new lease) on top of the increased cost of renting our apartment as of August 1st. With me out on maternity leave (and us not really wanting to send me back to work with a new baby), and J.R. having just started a full-time, temporary position, rent is a very good area for us to try to cut costs on in order to make our budget more “safe” during these big changes in our lives. So, in order to give a proper thirty day notice in case we do decide to move, J.R. and I have been working on apartment hunting rather diligently. We looked at a place yesterday that we did not care for much compared to our current apartment, and tomorrow we look at another place. The apartment that we view tomorrow seems rather promising, as the amenities, appliances, etc. seem quite similar to what our current apartment has.

With only a little over five weeks until the baby arrives and my life as I know it changes forever, there is much to be done; though it is a slow process. I organized the gifts that we received after the baby shower, but I have yet to take an inventory of things and determine what I ought to have on-hand for when the baby comes home. This weekend J.R. and I will be getting things ready to move into a storage unit, since it is a necessity that we move some of our unused belongings (actually, almost exclusively J.R.’s unused belongings, which I am getting tired of seeing packed in boxes since before we were married – if you can leave items packed in boxes for that long, do you really need them?) out of the baby’s “room” – a term I use loosely, since we plan on the baby being in our room for quite awhile. Having a lot of things moved into the storage unit before we move should make the whole process of moving easier anyway.

This is the thirty-fourth week of my pregnancy. Other than the fact that when I am working outside in the heat I swell a little usually, I seem to be fairing quite well with less than six weeks to go before my due date. Last weekend J.R. and I toured the hospital birthing center, I am glad that we did in order to see the rooms and have the general routine explained to us before it comes time to deliver the baby. Also, I have been reading quite a lot on “natural birth” lately, and am hopeful that I will have a drug-free birth, barring any extenuating circumstances. Later this afternoon I have an appointment with my CNM, I always enjoy hearing our baby’s heartbeat and getting an update on how things are progressing.

There you have it, a brief update (with some rambling) on the busy life of this expectant mother.


  1. I am so thrilled that everything is going well!! I do hope that the apartment hunting goes nicely. My friend Natalie just went through it and it can be difficult. *prayers*


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