Posted by: Amanda | June 20, 2007

Faustina turns Four

Today is my little sister, who happens to be my goddaughter as well, Faustina’s fourth birthday. It is hard to believe that it has been four years since I was present at her birth – and that in about a month she will be an aunt when my baby is born. Other than J.R. (who has more chances than Faustina, obviously), Faustina gives “the baby” more hugs and kisses than anyone else. She makes sure to shower me with just as many hugs and kisses, but my tummy (and thus the baby) is given its fair share of affection from Faustina as well. When I told my sisters that I was going to have a baby, the first question out of Faustina’s mouth was whether I could still pick her up and hold her. At the time, the answer to that question was yes, but currently Faustina has to settle for sitting on my lap or next to me – which seems to work just as well for her.

Faustina has come a long way in these past four years – from a tiny, seven-pound baby to a rather independent, yet usually very sweet and happy girl. Faustina is rather petite, I remember my parents telling me last year that although Faustina is a pretty average height, she falls into the third percentile of weight compared to other girls her age. I’m not sure that any of my other siblings fell into such a category as children, especially not Miriam (always big for her age), who I can compare Faustina to most easily.

Both of my sisters have their strengths and weaknesses, but despite her age Faustina seems to be ahead of Miriam in terms of neatness. Faustina does not like to sit down to a meal without a napkin (or often, several napkins) handy, whereas Miriam may eat a rather messy meal and not consider a napkin until someone suggests it to her. Both Miriam and Faustina are very caring, many times I have seen them go out of their way, even give up something of their own, to assist another person.

Happy fourth birthday to Faustina Jon-Marie!


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