Posted by: Amanda | June 23, 2007

One Month to Due Date

I am one month away from my due date today, officially.

I’ll be honest, even though it is harder to get good sleep, it seems like my clothes do not fit quite right, and I have to watch how much weight I lift or carry, I think that I am going to miss being pregnant a little bit. It is awesome to feel the baby move within me, and to hear the heartbeat. On the same note, I look forward to meeting the little person who has been growing within me for the past thirty-some weeks.

People have been asking me if I am ready to have the baby already, and it seems so early to me. I would really like for this baby to go full-term, and being a little past my due date does not even bother me at this point in time. I suppose that perhaps I may feel differently about this matter if everything was set up and ready for the baby to arrive, but since J.R. and I do not even know where we will be living when August comes around at this point in time (we put in applications at a couple of places this week, hopefully we will hear back soon), I know that it will be better for the baby to stay right in my womb a few weeks longer.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I look at all that I would like to have done before the baby arrives and feel a little overwhelmed, though I realize that everything will work out fine in the end – there are people out there who are much less prepared than us in terms of baby supplies and living arrangements who raise happy, healthy babies. My desire to have things in order before the baby arrives has spurred me on to some “nesting” lately, but since it is harder for me to move than in the past with my growing tummy and with the whole idea of moving in mind, I am not in a driving-J.R.-nuts-mode with the way that I must organize and clean the apartment in preparation for baby.

J.R. seems to be getting more excited about the arrival of the baby as well. We went to a wedding last weekend and I could tell that he really enjoyed talking about our bundle of joy who will be making an appearance shortly. J.R.’s interest in the assortment of baby goods that we have collected is somewhat different from my own (interested in everything), however. He has shown more interest in the practical baby gear, (car seat, stroller, bathtub, etc.) and I get the distinct impression that he looks at the cute baby clothing to humor me only. I guess I cannot blame him, clothing tends to be something that women are more interested in than men in general. Last night he did tell me that it is important that I pick out what outfit we are going to have the baby’s first picture taken in and bring him or her home from the hospital in, though I know that this is inspired due to his love of photography largely.

So, thirty days and counting…



  1. Oh how exciting!! One month, wow. Counting down the days. 😉

  2. Amanda,
    I just stopped by to thank you for commenting on my blog, and to invite you to head on over and check out the newsletter I’ve been working on.

    I don’t know the last couple of years of Ave grads as well as I’d like – are there any other recently married ave girls I should send the newsletter to? And would you be interested in doing some writing for the next issue?

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