Posted by: Amanda | July 8, 2007

My Parents’ 25th Anniversary

Yesterday my brothers, my aunt, and I hosted a luncheon in honor of my parents’ twenty-fifth anniversary of being joined in marriage. Overall, the party was a success. In recognition of their achievement, my parents were honored by family and friends; they enjoyed visiting with said people as well.

Of course, not everything worked out as planned; happily, however, this was through no fault of my own. Approximately 100 people attended the party, our guesstimate had been for 150 people, so my refrigerator now holds a sizable quantity of leftover food. Aunt Della, J.R., Chad, and my friend, Sarah, were an enormous help with things yesterday – I am blessed that they were able to help with things, the party would not have gone smoothly without their assistance.

If I had to decide, I would say that a couple of the photographic highlights of the party would be:

1. How happy my parents looked together:

Congratulations on celebrating twenty-five years together, Mom and Dad!

2. The smaller-sized version of their wedding cake that we had made for the event:

Dad could not really recall what the original cake looked like without looking at a photograph, but Mom recognized the cake and thought that it was really nice that we were able to have it re-created.

I am glad that we were able to do this for my parents, with all that they have done for my siblings and I, they deserve recognition for their sacrifices and achievements over the past twenty-five years, and to be reminded that we are grateful for all that they have done for us. May they be blessed with many more wonderful years together.

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