Posted by: Amanda | July 9, 2007

Thirty-eight Weeks

Today marks week thirty-eight of my pregnancy, meaning that there remain a mere two weeks until my baby’s due date. I am not quite ready to have this baby outside of my body yet, however. When I met with the CNM a little over a week ago, she made a comment about how it would be fine for the baby to come any time now. I know most babies that come early survive with few or no complications, but I cannot help thinking that the baby is developing still. I would like another week or so to get things ready around the house as well, to be honest.

Of us six children, I was the only one who came “early,” but at one day before my due date, I could hardly be considered early. My sister Faustina came on her due date, and the other four of my siblings were all late by at least several days. I am kind of hoping that I’ll be like my mother, and have my baby right around the due date.

Last week J.R. began questioning me on a daily basis whether I thought that I was in labor. Over the past several days, this questioning has risen to several times per day. My parents have begun questioning how I am doing as well over the past few days, they even made sure to call and ask how I was doing this morning before they left to go on vacation for the next few days.

It was so hot yesterday (95 degrees and humid) that J.R. would not allow me to help take care of the animals. Actually, I cannot blame him, and it is good that he is looking out for me, since I have been known to overdo things. After spending more time than I ought to have on my feet and in the heat on Friday and Saturday for Dad and Mom’s anniversary party, my feet had swollen. The swelling went down overnight, but going to mass on Sunday caused them to swell right back up. Fortunately, they returned to normal once I returned home to our air conditioned apartment. Although it is over 90 degrees again today, I have not experienced any swelling, which I attribute to my having spent almost the entire day in air conditioning. Whether I be in the comfort of home or at work seems to matter not, so long as I stay out of the heat.

I am feeling quite well at this point in my pregnancy: no pains, not excessively tired, and still able/willing to complete the majority of my regular tasks. I was not feeling quite so chipper on Saturday evening, but now that I have rebounded all is well. I am, of course, hoping to keep this up until (and after, as much as possible, whether it be a reasonable hope or not) the baby is born. I am looking forward to meeting our baby soon, but for now I am enjoying being pregnant still.


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