Posted by: Amanda | July 23, 2007

Due Date: No Baby Yet

July 23 has arrived, and I am not experiencing anything to make me believe that our baby is going to arrive “on time.” As someone pointed out to me, however, ‘babies are like wizards: they are never early nor late, they arrive precisely when they mean to.’ Thus, I am content with where the baby and I are at right now. Go ahead and take your time, dear little one. I just prefer that you not take too long, because the thought of induction scares me, and I think that it would be better if you come in your own time, rather than what the medical field determines to be the correct time. Honestly, I figure that I will probably be holding our baby in my arms by this time next week. I think that I am in the very early stages of labor, though I recognize that I could be in this stage for awhile yet.

J.R. and I worked on getting things in order around our apartment in preparation for the baby this weekend. Now I actually feel “ready” for the baby, or probably about as ready as a first-time mother can feel. A first-time mother given my situation, anyway. J.R. and I finally found a new apartment, that we were accepted to, last week. We will be moving around the second week of September. The new apartment is larger and we will be saving money, definite advantages with a new baby. The biggest disadvantage of this arrangment is probably that the new apartment will be on the second floor (making it necessary to carry everything up and down stairs), as we are quite happy with the first floor arrangement of our current apartment.

Certainly things are falling into place, and it is only a matter of time before we meet our baby, our precious little gift from God!

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