Posted by: Amanda | July 27, 2007

Awaiting Baby

It is now the fourth day past my “medical due date,” and still no baby. Actually, I always figured that this baby would arrive “late” according to that calculation. Family members have been calling asking how the baby and I are doing, and it is kind of disappointing to say, “No news, but it cannot be too much longer now.” There have been some signs that labor is imminent, but it is not here yet.

I found myself wishing that labor would hurry up and start earlier today. It is not that I am tired of being pregnant (honestly, I am not). I am ready, however, to meet our baby, to begin my new life as a mother, and to stop receiving comments from others on the baby’s current lack of arrival. Today I have an appointment with my CNM, when I made the appointment last week, I assumed that: 1. The baby would be here by now, or 2. I would be at the hospital preparing to have the baby, so either way I would not need to go to this appointment. It appears that I was incorrect in making that assumption. At least I am finished working now until our baby is about two months old, though we are still hoping and praying that J.R. finds a good enough job that I will not have to work.

Of course, there have been advantages of our baby coming after the actual due date. Since we did not know when the baby would come, J.R. and I had not made any real plans from the beginning of last weekend until the beginning of next weekend. This has enabled us to truly enjoy our final days of married life, pre-children. We have had the time to get several last-minute items of business in order. No, our apartment is not spotless, nor will “the baby’s room” be completely in order until after we move, but things have come leaps and bounds toward me feeling better about our overall preparedness over the past week.

Come what may, I think that we are about as ready as we are going to be. We are, needless to say, really looking forward to meeting our little one, whether it be sooner or later…

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