Posted by: Amanda | August 1, 2007

Still waiting…

It appears that our baby is rather happy with the current living situation in my uterus, as he or she has not made a debut yet. The baby that I thought we would be holding by the end of July will be an August baby now. I think that I have reached the “I am ready for the baby to be born now phase.” My back began aching on Monday, the heat (which is at 90 degrees plus, currently) is getting to me when I spend time outside, and J.R. and I are making encouraging comments to my tummy in an effort to advocate that our baby arrive soon. Despite having slept eight hours the night before, I require a nap in the afternoon now. Additionally, though I am getting a good amount of sleep, I am waking up several times during the night. In short, I am not very comfortable right now and I am ready to begin the next phase of parenthood.

The current plan: try natural ways to induce labor. I walk through stores in town, squat, tailor sit, and do pelvic circles in an effort to engage the baby, among other ways of trying to induce naturally. We are hoping and praying still that our baby arrives, or that I am in labor at least, before it is time for the ultrasound and non-stress test on Friday morning. I fear, on some level, that something abnormal may be found if I make it to that appointment on Friday, and that an induction, or cesearean section may be suggested; procedures which in and of themselves have been known to cause complications. Ultimately, so long as our baby arrives safe and sound, we will be both happy and blessed. We just did not imagine that our baby may arrive two weeks after the estimated due date.



  1. Praying for you. I wouldn’t want to be induced either!

    As for natural forms of induction… well, you’ve probably heard it, but both sex and nipple stimulation are good for that. And fun too. 🙂

    Now that I’ve been entirely scandulous, I’ll bow out. God Bless!

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