Posted by: Amanda | August 17, 2007

Two Weeks of Motherhood

After having completed two weeks of motherhood, I feel that things are going relatively well. Sure, I have had my fair share of difficulties in the past two weeks. Although I have heard of many persons having difficulty breastfeeding, I naively thought that I would not face the same issues. I have never been apprehensive over visiting the doctor myself, but the doctor mentioning a potential concern, “to keep an eye on,” related to Gabriel and I faced an anxiety that I have never known. Then, of course, my house stands in dissaray currently and my schedule has been shifted around substantially – but these were issues that I expected to face. Overall, I would have to say that the second week has gone much smoother than the first.

I am pretty happy with the sleep situation as it stands. Gabriel will sleep in about two three-hour (possibly longer) blocks during the night (allowing me to function better during the day), and take a couple of naps during the day. I know better than to plan on him sleeping like this always, but I am going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

Gabriel and I have not only survived, but done quite well with J.R. going to work the last two days. We even managed to break out the stroller and go for a walk today. Gabriel seemed to enjoy our little stroll, and I enjoyed spending the half-hour or so outside.

Gabriel is napping now, and as I would like more to show for his nap than my own shorter nap, lunch, and a blog post, I must bring this entry to a close.

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