Posted by: Amanda | August 24, 2007

Gabriel’s Baptism

Gabriel is now the newest, smallest Christian that I know. He was baptized on Sunday, August 19. I think that he was the best-smelling baby in the world for a couple of days with the lovely scent of holy chrism on his forehead.

The readings on the day of the baptism were particularly appropriate for the occasion, though I do not have the time to write a reflection on them now. I think that it suffices to state that J.R. and I have taken on an enormous responsibility (and privilege) in agreeing to raise our child in the faith, and that we also accepted, on Gabriel’s behalf, that he would come to know, love, and serve God.

I wanted to post some photographs from the baptism here, and I hope to accomplish the task one day. Since J.R. insists on taking all digital photos in the raw now, however, and Blogger does not allow raw photographs to be uploaded (and I have neither the time, nor the know-how to convert the photos), uploading the aforementioned photos will have to wait.


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