Posted by: Amanda | September 25, 2007

The Move

Moving everything (and setting up to some degree) into our first apartment the week before our wedding was a little difficult, and kept me very busy. It took awhile to settle in. Moving with a six-week-old baby, however, was many times more difficult. I really hope that J.R. and I are able to manage getting our new, larger apartment, with an even greater number of possessions, set up before the holidays (we are raising a newborn here, so no need to set the goal too close and risk complete failure at reaching the goal).

Moving has seemed to mess up Gabriel’s sleep schedule. No matter what time Gabriel went to bed at night, I could plan on him waking up for the day at slightly before 7:00 in the morning. Now, however, I am dealing with as early as 5:30 wakings. It has been only a few days though, so I am hopeful that I will be able to shift his schedule so that we can manage no earlier than a 6:30 wake up. Once we can get a little more agreeable sleeping schedule set up, I will try to resume blogging with some coherence and frequency.

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