Posted by: Amanda | October 5, 2007

Motherhood: Two Month Update

So, two months in and I realize first-hand that things can be “one step forward, two steps back” in terms of raising a child.

There have been several nights that were awful. I blame the sleep issues, at least in part, on Gabriel’s congested nose, which makes its presence known at night particularly. There have been a few nights in which it took about three hours to get Gabriel to sleep. There have been nights in which he was waking up every hour or so. Such nights are hard. Now I understand myself, from experience, the lamentations of parents in regards to their baby’s sleep habits. Since things seem to be getting better now though, it has been easier for me to keep in mind that these nights of poor sleep for all are really just a short phase in life.

Being Gabriel’s mother is not without repercussions on my own body: I have developed tendonitis in my left hand and wrist, most likely related to the fact that I am right-handed and my poor left hand has had to step up to the plate and work to care for Gabriel after nearly twenty-four years of little activity. So, I have been sentenced to physical therapy and wearing a brace for the next couple of weeks in an effort to reduce my discomfort. Pain aside, the worst part of the whole scenario is that the brace does such a good job stabilizing my hand and wrist that caring for Gabriel has been complicated.

On a more positive note, I really, really like Gabriel’s doctor. Her manner with Gabriel is much more agreeable and that of the doctors at the other clinic I took him to in his first week of life: I get to hold him while she examines him, which is easier on both Gabriel and I as it reduces his discomfort (aka crying). She specializes in “alternative medicine,” while still working with traditional medicine: meaning that although at his seven-week visit, Gabriel weighed in at eight pounds, a mere five ounces above his birth weight, she suggested that I supplement my diet rather than supplement Gabriel with formula (all without making me feel like a terrible mother). Also, I have felt zero pressure or disapproval from her based on J.R.’s and my decision not to have Gabriel receive immunizations at this time; rather, she supports our decision.

In closing, I wanted to post some photographs of Gabriel, however, J.R. has yet to convert the files or teach me to do so, thus internet viewing of them must wait. J.R. is busy working, often tired, and dealing with allergies right now, so I wait (somewhat) patiently – but I would like to show off pictures of our growing baby still. Especially the adorable photos of him smiling, the cutest milestone yet.



  1. Gui was a pretty congested little babe too…I had him on a slant all the time (using one of these pillows:, and sometimes when he was stuffed up and snotty too I would put a couple of drops of salinated water in his nose, which helped during dry weather. But it can be hard to listen to your itty bitty babe snore and snort, and harder when it means neither of you are getting much sleep!

    If it helps, many babies have a hard time settling down around two months, and it usually improves in the third month. Newborns don’t really notice much that isn’t right in front of them, but when they get a little older I think it can be hard to block out all of the sounds and sensations and fall asleep.

    I hope it gets better soon – hold him close, he’ll be big before you know it!

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