Posted by: Amanda | November 6, 2007

Three Months

Gabriel is now three months old, and I have to admit: this month looks like it will be the best yet. Gabriel has become interested in toys, or anything within his line of vision, now. Naps have improved. We have been able to stay out longer during the day without suffering a massive break down on Gabriel’s end. He does better when people other than his parents hold him.

My biggest problem lately has been trying to reset Gabriel’s little internal clock to match up with daylight savings time’s end. Keeping him up later at night has not worked so far, though when he starts his day by 6:00 am and clearly is ready for bed I cannot bring myself to keep him awake later than he wants to be. I will not complain about such a small thing, however, daylight savings will be back on in early March – a mere four months away. Honestly, morning is my favorite part of the day, so Gabriel helps keep me from missing much of it by sleeping in.

In closing, a photo of the cutest little leopard on Halloween:


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