Posted by: Amanda | December 6, 2007

Four Months with Gabriel

Gabriel as a three month old turned out to be exactly as I predicted: the “best” month yet. Now that he is four months old, I think that this is the way that life with Gabriel is going to continue.

Gabriel has gained a couple of pounds since I last updated on his growth: he was ten pounds, four ounces at his appointment on Tuesday. He is on the small side still, but growing like a weed. On November 15 Gabriel surprised himself by rolling over for the first time (back-to-tummy). Gabriel had not been a big fan of tummy time until the last few weeks, though he appeared to be spending the majority of tummy time attempting to roll over to his back so that he would not have to be on his tummy any longer. On November 25 Gabriel rolled over, this time in the presence of both J.R. and me, from his tummy to his back for the first time. Since that time, he has pretty much mastered the skill of tummy-to-back rolling, though he has yet to repeat his back-to-tummy roll.

Naps are becoming both easier and more elusive at the same time. Gabriel has gotten better about taking a nap when he is tired, whether we be out or at home. If, however, he takes only a half hour nap, however insufficient it may be, any attempt at getting him to nap further will most likely be futile. I am not very concerned about it, since all three of us are doing well with the current situation for the time being.

In sum, life with Gabriel is joyful. He smiles. He almost giggles. He plays. We love him immensely. Honestly, what would life be without the beauty and blessing of children?


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