Posted by: Amanda | December 31, 2007

My Brothers, My Friends

Growing up, I was very close to my younger brothers. We spent tons of time together, and I acknowledge without hesitation that they were my best friends. Even with the closeness and awesome friendship that I shared with my brothers, I could not help but wonder what it would have been like to have a sister who was in the same age bracket as me – what sister-sister friendship could we have shared?

On Christmas, my brother, Chad, had a surprise for us: he and his girlfriend, Tiffany, were engaged. We were surprised, but not in a shocked sort of way. Chad and I have a special friendship, we even have our own “song.” Sure, my brother is even more difficult to get a hold of these days, but we are happy for him. Although we have not seen them interact much since they became a couple (they started seeing each other right around when Gabriel was born, and we have been rather busy with being new parents since that time), we know that Chad and Tiffany get along very well and wish them all of the best.

My history with Tiffany goes back approximately eight years, as her sister, Sarah, is one of my best friends (she was the maid-of-honor in our wedding). Though Tiffany is six years younger than us, she has come to be a good friend over the years as well.

Tiffany, me, and Sarah
Halloween, 2006

My other brother, Adam, is engaged as well. He and his fiancĂ©e, Carlie, are planning to be wed in the spring. Like Tiffany, Carlie and I have a history as friends – though I have known Carlie longer. Other than Sarah, Carlie was my only bridesmaid who merited the position predicated on friendship alone.

Carlie and me
June, 2006

So, although I was not blessed with a sister in my age bracket (Miriam and Faustina are sixteen and nineteen years younger than me, respectively), it looks like I am going to be blessed with two sister-in-laws who fit the bill. Two sister-in-laws who were friends with me before they entered into relationships with my brothers.

Adam, me, and Chad
May, 2006

I love my brothers so very much – and I wish for them to have blessed, holy marriages. I am looking forward to having more nieces and nephews as well.* Sure, I may not spend nearly as much time with my brothers as I used to these days. As I have learned in my own life, however, love in the human person is not limited, so they ought not love me any less as they prepare for their own marriages. I know that I love each of them just as much now as I ever have, and expect that my feelings will remain the same always. I am not “losing” my brothers, afterall, but gaining two “sisters,” two friends.

* I have two nieces and a nephew through J.R.’s family. I would also like to mention that this entry in no way negates the fact that I consider my sister-in-law (J.R.’s sister, Angela) a good friend.


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