Posted by: Amanda | February 7, 2008

Six Months with Gabriel

Gabriel is now six months old. It does not even seem like he has been a part of our everyday lives for over half of a year now.

We wrung in the milestone by suffering through a night of terrible sleep thanks to Gabriel’s first cold. Within a couple of days, however, things were back to normal. Since it did not kill us, we are considering ourselves stronger for the incident.

At any rate, the results of the six month check-up were as follows:

Height: 25 1/2 inches
Weight: 16 pounds, 4 ounces

Gabriel is sitting up unassisted now, rolling all over, and can scoot across the floor a bit. He is eating a handful of different types of foods; his favorite is sweet potato at this time – though he seems to like eating in general. I have been doing laundry little more since Gabriel was born, as he has such tiny clothes. Now that he is eating foods, however, the laundry load has increased exponentially. My mother has assured me that in all likelihood I will not see a decline until he moves out.

J.R. and I are now confident enough to take Gabriel places that are not particularly baby-friendly. For example, we had an enjoyable lunch at the Chinese buffet the other day. Gabriel smiled, he cooed, he even opened his own fortune cookie: “The fun part of a relationship is about to begin.” Rather appropriate, we thought.

We also managed having Gabriel’s photograph taken professionally in honor of his being six months old now. He was not so sure about the photographer at first, but then he warmed up, and they turned out positively adorable.

Despite the increase in laundry, six months is way more fun than five months was. Even though Gabriel is growing out of clothes and toys, and we have to be careful about what is within his reach – we are loving every minute of parenthood these days.


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