Posted by: Amanda | March 24, 2008

Triduum 2008

This year, Lent was different for me than in past years. Life with Gabriel has brought about a whole new set of challenges. The challenge that has weighed most on my mind lately is the fact that I feel like I have not really had a chance to immerse myself in the liturgical year since Gabriel was born. The Easter season, along with the events leading up to it, are my favorite time of the liturgical year.* This year, I attended services throughout the Triduum, but with J.R. working and I watching an active (though good) baby, it was not the same as in past years. My favorite mass is the Easter Vigil, but since it does not begin until dark, and lasts at least a couple of hours, we went to mass on Easter morning this year. As our little family sat together in the packed church on Easter morning, I felt a great joy and thankfulness for all that I have been blessed with in my life. Lent may not seem to have been as fruitful spiritually this year as in past years, but in caring for Gabriel’s every need, I am learning to love and serve others as Christ. One day I will not have a child that requires my attention nearly every waking moment during mass, but for now my lack of ability to meditate on anything for more than a minute or two at a time is my Lenten (daily even, at times) sacrifice.

* Our wedding took place Pentecost weekend in 2006, thereby we were married at the culmination of the Easter season.

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