Posted by: Amanda | April 18, 2008

Gabriel: Eight Month Update

There is much to report about the goings-on of Gabriel’s life since I last updated. He says both “mom” and “dad” clearly now. “Mom” was the first word that he said both clearly and consistently, much to his father’s disappointment, since he had been coaching Gabriel to say “dad” for a couple of months in hopes that it would be his first word. When prompted to say “dad,” Gabriel responds by saying “mom” frequently, and he will say “dad” when prompted to say “mom” fairly often as well.

Gabriel’s first tooth arrived on March 25, with no sign that he was teething other than a few diaper blow-outs. His second tooth arrived in mid-April accompanied by frequent whining. The whining put a damper on spending time with a normally pleasant baby, but since everyone has remained well-rested throughout the teething (knock on wood) episodes, life has remained manageable.

Gabriel took off crawling on April 8, and now he is crawling all over the house. This development has complicated life in both foreseen and unforeseen ways – though it makes things much more interesting as well. Watching Gabriel explore and play brings with it inexplicable joy, not to mention the fun involved in playing with a mobile baby. The need to keep the house baby-safe with this development (we have less time to keep the house in order now since the jumperoo is beginning to fall out of favor with the advent of crawling) has been challenging, but since no injuries or scares have occurred, we are considering our efforts a success.

Ever since spring arrived several weeks ago, Gabriel and I have been able to spend a good amount of time outdoors. Both of us enjoy our time outdoors immensely. It is no surprise that Gabriel enjoys the outdoors so much, since J.R. and I are both rather outdoorsy people. Gabriel gets excited when we get the stroller out, and he is happy to sit in the stroller for about an hour at a time. Though he will sit happily in the stroller for longer if there are children to be observed. Watching children play is just as fun as actually playing at this point in time for Gabriel. Perhaps the greatest thing about it being spring is that Gabriel’s ability to whine and him being outdoors seem unable to coexist, so it makes our time outdoors even more magical for me.

All in all, this spring and summer promise to bring some prime memory-making opportunities with Gabriel.



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