Posted by: Amanda | May 9, 2008

Gabriel: Nine Months Old

Gabriel is nine months old now. With the crawling, talking, eating of a great variety of food, and other milestones that seem to be happening at a rapid pace, J.R. and I recognize that we are on the brink of having a toddler in the house. Everyone said that the baby phase would not last long, but we did not realize that it would go this quickly. The other morning Gabriel woke up, noticed J.R., and proceeded to greet him with “Hi Dad.” A couple of months ago the morning greeting consisted of smiles and baby babble, now Gabriel is capable of greeting us in sentence form.

At Gabriel’s nine month well baby check-up, he weighed in at twenty-one pounds, and measured twenty-eight inches tall. We have been in the process of choosing a new car seat for Gabriel, since he is nearing the size limits of the infant car seat/carrier that we have been using for the past nine months. I will admit, I think that I am really going to miss our current car seat when the day comes to move on. If we are out of the house and nap time rolls around, Gabriel will sleep in his car seat. If I need to run into a store for just a few minutes, I just grab the car seat out of its base and take Gabriel into the store. I guess that what I am trying to say is that this car seat has just been so convenient.

In closing, I leave you with this photo of a boy with his bear in a box:

Clearly, spending time in the empty diaper box took the cake on the list of activities for the day.

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