Posted by: Amanda | May 19, 2008

Grammatical Blunders and a Life Lesson

As seen on a drive-through sign at a fast-food restaurant:

“…at this time we are unable to except credit or gift cards…”

I fought a strong urge to get out of the car to correct the error. If adverse weather conditions and the fact that I did not have an appropriate writing utensil in my possession had not been part of the equation, I may not have succeeded.

Since the time that I was in junior high I have been finding errors in the local paper. In the past year or two, however, I have noticed that my tolerance for such errors is waning. Perhaps it came with college, the painstaking hours that I poured into having perfect papers may have pushed me over the edge. Or perhaps motherhood has brought it on – a strong desire for my own child to understand and use properly his own language (no matter how confusing or inconsistent it is at times).

Although my eye for catching errors is keen, I make the same kind of mistakes myself at times. Such is the way of life: we are quick to pick up on the errors of others, though we ought to be focused on correcting or eliminating our own errors.

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