Posted by: Amanda | June 2, 2008

Two Years of Marriage

Looking back over the past two years of our lives, it seems hard to believe that it has been two years since JR and I were joined in the sacrament of matrimony. Yet, we have settled into a rhythm of life that makes it difficult to recall just exactly what life was like before marriage.

I am not sure how it works for everyone, but the second year of marriage seemed to be easier, though not without its own set of challenges, than the first year. Perhaps it is the fact that JR and I have grown accustomed to married life and all that it entails. Perhaps it is the fact that Gabriel, the “fruit” of our marriage has been a part of our lives for nearly ten months now. Being parents has given our married life a whole new dimension that was absent before Gabriel was born. Once a person becomes a parent, there is a distinct change in their lives, and though it does not necessarily happen over night, there is a wonderful change in the person as well. Although I knew it before, now I appreciate the fact that parenthood is a path to holiness.

Today, we appreciate one another, our son, and the plan that God designed for marriage, more than when our journey began two years ago. I am sure that our appreciation and love of God, one another, and our “neighbor” will continue to grow and mature as the years pass.

Happy anniversary, JR, I look forward to making many more wonderful memories as our life together progresses.

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