Posted by: Amanda | June 9, 2008

Gabriel at Ten Months

As far as the growth charts go, the last month has not seen much progress. Gabriel is twenty-eight inches tall and weighs slightly more than twenty-one pounds – so he is about the same size as last month. In terms of milestones, however, he is progressing in leaps and bounds:

  • He crawls all over (even over obstacles) as quickly as his little arms and legs allow him.
  • Gabriel has taught himself how to pull up to various things, such as the couch, walls, and his parents’ legs, as well as to safely “dismount” from them. There is no creeping along the couch or walls yet, but we are expecting it any time now.
  • Gabriel has decided recently that bath time is for splashing, which is very cute, and has allowed us to recognize that he does not seem to mind getting his face all wet any more.
  • Gabriel waves, sometimes while saying “hi.” Sometimes he does then when “saying” goodbye (since it is not part of his vocabulary yet). He also says “hi” to people during the sign of peace at mass.
  • Gabriel “sings” during the singing parts of mass.
  • Gabriel claps. Sometimes this is in excitement, sometimes he is being a copycat. Sometimes he claps just to practice his newly-learned skill.
  • Gabriel “dances” to music. Most notably, to the chicken dance at my brother’s wedding reception last month. Actually, that was when he learned to clap as well.
  • We survived Gabriel’s first ear infection and concurrent second cold last month. It was rough going, since it was the two-week cold that did not want to go away, but now we are stronger for it. Hopefully we will not have to deal with any other not-feeling well episodes (other than the incoming teeth – which is enough) for some time.

With the excellent late-springtime weather that we have been experiencing lately, Gabriel and I have been spending a lot of time outdoors. Gabriel enjoys every minute outside, even if it is helping me do chores. Honestly , I would rather be doing chores outside than inside though, especially if I was carted around in a reclining chair with a never-ending supply of snacks and a sippy cup.


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