Posted by: Amanda | July 10, 2008

Eleven Months with Gabriel

For this traditional monthly update, I will have to guestimate Gabriel’s height and weight, based upon how his clothing fits him now versus a month ago, as he will not be “officially” measured until he goes in for his one-year well baby visit in a few weeks. My guestimates: About twenty-eight and half to twenty-nine inches tall, and approximately twenty-two pounds.

Gabriel spends more and more time standing up lately. Last week he began “walking” along the furniture. He is able to stand without holding onto anything for seconds at a time. His first steps are forth-coming, though we are not in any hurry – please, Gabriel, take your time learning how to walk. Hopefully, you will have better balance that way when the day comes for you to take your first steps and you will have few falls, because fewer tears seem a nice trade-off for not having the earliest-walking baby.

In terms of vocabulary, Gabriel is progressing. If Gabriel takes an interest in something, he will pretty much mimic the sound of its first syllable. He refers to the caterpillar in his book as something that starts with the “ca” sound, and balloons are something similar-sounding to “ba” or “balllll” (said while looking or pointing at a balloon). He does not say “bye” yet, though he knows its meaning (at least somewhat), and that it should be accompanied by waving.

Additionally, birthday party planning is in full swing.

Exhibit A: a copy of the invitation to Gabriel’s first birthday party. For some reason, it did not seem to scan level.

We decided to keep the party “small” by inviting only our families, though we are probably looking at about twenty people still. For this reason, most of the festivities will be held at the city park, since our apartment cannot comfortably hold such a gathering. The theme will be “a first birthday with balloons,” since they are one of Gabriel’s favorite objects at this point in time. I am planning on making his birthday cake to resemble a balloon – there will be pictures when all is said and done. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.


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