Posted by: Amanda | July 15, 2008

Finally, a new “break through”

As you may or may not have noticed, there has been nearly a complete absence of teething-related complaints on this blog. In fact, there has been no mention of Gabriel’s teeth other than this post. This is in direct correlation to the fact that, aside from a little crabbiness in an otherwise nearly-always pleasant baby and some relatively mild diapering issues, we have not had to suffer through the same trials that many other parents speak of. Also, after nearly three months no new teeth, one of Gabriel’s top front teeth came in yesterday.

In other tooth-news, Gabriel enjoys “brushing” his teeth (I think that he prefers to chew on his tooth brush, but it is one of the more acceptable objects that he puts in his mouth). I have a finger tooth brush for him as well, which seems kind of odd to me, as I have used an identical item on my dog and cat. I wonder whether the finger toothbrush was designed originally for babies or pets. Also, like every other child I have known, Gabriel enjoys his toothpaste, and would probably eat it and/or use copious amounts,* if he was permitted.

Maybe his other front tooth will be in by his birthday, though I will not be holding my breath…

* I know that my brothers and I went through bubble gum flavored toothpaste like it was candy as children. Rightfully, we received lectures and toothpaste-rationing as a result of our behavior.


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