Posted by: Amanda | August 5, 2008

Gabriel is One

Though simple, there is more behind the title of this post than meets the eye.  One year ago, Gabriel was born.  Life as J.R. and I knew it was changed forever.  Some days it seemed that the one year mark was So Far Away.  Now, however, it is hard to believe that it has arrived so swiftly.  Some days we wish that we could hit a “pause” button, to just enjoy the beautiful toddler that Gabriel has become lately a little better, though at the same time, we are loving every day with its new skills and challenges.

I would like to spend more time on this topic, but I think that things are pretty well summed up with the fact that my baby has gone from a tiny, helpless newborn:

To a fun-loving, capable, nearly-walking toddler who HAD TO hold the “1” at his birthday photoshoot*:


At the one-year well-baby visit, Gabriel logged a respectable twenty-two pounds and thirteen ounces, and a twenty-nine and a quarter inch height (I know that only a mother cares to note to fractions of height and weight, but if I don’t to it here, then I will have probably misplaced the information by the time I write it in his baby book).

* I rather like that Gabriel is holding the one in the picture, but at the time it was impossible to get him to just sit nicely next to it.

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