Posted by: Amanda | September 15, 2008


Gabriel is walking now.  Not just a little, but really well.  It happened rather quickly.  Up until his birthday, he was happy with just crawling and pulling himself up to stand next to objects.  As a birthday gift, however, Gabriel received a lion walker from his paternal grandparents.  He spent about a half hour thinking that this toy was great, just because he played music and talked, before we even took it out of the box.  J.R. assembled the lion and showed Gabriel how to use it, and he has played with it for good chunks of time every day since.   

A timeline to illustrate how it all happened:

  • August 4:  Gabriel first stood well unassisted.
  • August 8:  Gabriel’s first good steps all by himself.
  • August 24:  Gabriel wows my family with how far he has come in the past few weeks by taking several steps at a time, falling down, and getting right back up.
  • September 1:  Gabriel walks across an entire room.  He may stoop to pick something up along the way, or he may stumble, but he gets right back up.  He has essentially given up on crawling.
  • September 14:  Gabriel now plays with his outside push toy regularly.  He enjoys climbing the steps (with my right behind him, of course) at the playground and running from toy to toy.   Simultaneously, I wonder if I will ever be allowed to leisurely do anything as long as he is on the ground again.

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