Posted by: Amanda | November 8, 2008

Veganizing Recipes

Although I am not a true vegan, I am a vegetarian that avoids eating animal products.  As you can probably imagine, this calls for editing recipes rather often.  Most commonly, I substitute ground flax seeds and water for eggs, rice milk or soy milk for dairy-milk, and non-dairy margarine for butter.  Many regular recipes are “veganized” easily with these simple substitutions.  Some examples include:  Gabriel’s birthday cake and frosting, cookies, brownies, pancakes, and scones – and the only reason that people know they are eating my veganized foods is if I tell them.

Today, for instance, I will be making pumpkin muffins.  I will be following the recipe exactly, other than I will be substituting two tablespoons of ground flax seed and six tablespoons of water for the two eggs, and using Soy Garden margarine in place of the butter, and I will be cutting the sugar to 1/2 cup in the muffin batter, but out of personal preference and not necessity for veganizing.  It will be simple.

Some non-vegan foods, however, are not so easily veganized.  One such food is cheesecake, the vegan version of cheesecake is a raw recipe that contains few of the ingredients that traditional cheesecake does.  Although it is radically different from the conventional cheesecake that most people are familiar with, I have not met anyone who does not like it.  Although the process sounds a little daunting for preparing this cheesecake, as someone who prepares both kinds of cheesecake (though only eats the vegan version), I can say honestly that the vegan version of cheesecake requires only a small amount more preparation time and tastes better than the non-vegan version.

I could write much more on this topic, so perhaps I will revisit it another day.

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