Posted by: Amanda | November 17, 2008

This post is brought to you courtesy of toddler-related frustrations

Before I get down to what I plan to write about today, which is to vent about my recent frustrations as the mother of a 15-month old, I would like to say that Gabriel is an intelligent, loving boy who is just being an average 15-month old boy:  “why would I want to go to bed when Mommy and especially DADDY (who was gone at work all day) are awake still?”  I realize that we are just facing a more difficult phase right now.

Probably my biggest frustration lately is that Gabriel has gotten terrible about going to bed at night.  Some nights he is fine, but the past couple of nights have been awful in particular.  He shows the signs of being tired, he happily goes back to the bedroom talking about how he is going to nurse and then go to sleep (Num-num!  Bed!)  He may even fall half-asleep, but suddenly he decides that he would rather be doing anything other than sleeping.  He tossed, turned, rolled around and giggled for an hour and a half on Saturday before he finally dropped from exhaustion in my arms.  I would like to mention that Gabriel naps well and that once he is asleep, he sleeps fine.

My other big issue is with the fact that Gabriel has become a one-man wrecking crew lately.  On Saturday I set his clothes for the day out on the couch, but he grabbed his pants and hid them somewhere, which led to a search that we did not actually have time for.  He insists on feeding himself even the messiest foods, which has resulted in an exponential increase in laundry.  He gets tired of sitting in the cart or being carried in the store, but if I put him down he will run away to inspect more interesting things.  In general, I could spend my entire day just picking up after him, and I probably should, other than I would go crazy if I never took the time to collect myself.  At least I understand on a whole new level now why good behavior, good (table) manners, and cleanliness are so important.


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