Posted by: Amanda | November 20, 2008

How to Compute with a Child

Gabriel is feeling under the weather today still, though things are much better.  Hopefully he will be back to his usually-cheery self tomorrow.

So, today I give you a few of my tips for how to get things done on a computer with a clingy toddler in tow:

1. Sometimes Gabriel insists on sitting on my lap at the same time that I NEED to accomplish something on the computer.  We have a spare keyboard that is not hooked up to any computer that comes in handy during these moments, as he can press buttons on his keyboard without disrupting what I am working on.

2. At times I work on a laptop rather than a desktop because I can work on a laptop in the living room or dining room, which means that I am working on the computer in Gabriel’s normal play environment – which makes for easier computing.

3. Another way that I can get in small amounts of computing with Gabriel at my side is be giving him a snack. This only buys me a few minutes usually.

What are your favorite methods of getting in a few minutes at the computer with a clingly child?


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