Posted by: Amanda | November 23, 2008

Advent Preparations

Today is that last Sunday before Advent begins next week.  With the season approaching rapidly, I have been pondering what special observances I will take on this year.  I am one of the few people that I know personally who “gives up” something for Advent as well as Lent.  The past two years have been more difficult for me during Advent.  In 2006, I was dealing with nearly-constant morning sickness, and last year I was juggling Gabriel the newborn as well as settling into our current apartment still, after having physically moved in September.  At any rate, I am pointing out that the last couple of Advents have not been seasons of particular spiritual growth or even an amount of personal preparation that I would like to complete in order to better appreciate both Advent and Christmastide.

To help remedy my situation from the past couple of years, this year I am going to put my Advent goals into writing on the Internet for all to see.  As my item to “fast” this year, I am going to refrain from eating all foods that I consider to be treats (i.e. no/little nutritional value and anything that I may eat for pleasure alone).  Yes, I realize that I should already not be eating such foods, but I am hoping for this to kick-start me toward better overall eating habits, as I have found that changing something for myself is nearly impossible, but when I decide to do so for God, I NEVER FAIL.  As for my personal spiritual goals for Advent, I am going to keep things simple.  I plan to complete the prayers and meditations from this book daily.  Since Advent is about a week away, I reserve the right to edit my goals slightly, should I be presented with better methods of preparing myself for the joy of the Christmas season ahead.



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