Posted by: Amanda | November 24, 2008

My Cellphone

Currently, I am the not-so-proud (or pleased) owner of a Nextel i730 cellphone.  I have owned said phone since February (or maybe March, I know that it was winter) of 2005.  Thanks to the Nextel service plan, this phone has been replaced two or three times and fixed approximately a dozen times, free of charge to me, other than my regular fix-it monthly expense.  For the last year, I have been in the market for a new cellphone, but lately it is becoming unbearable to own a phone that does not even work properly (J.R. and I own only cellphones, no house phone for us).  J.R. would dearly love to upgrade us both to iPhones, or some similar smart phone.  I however, am a little nervous about turning myself loose with such an expensive phone after all that I have put my current phone through.*

Does anyone out there have a recommendation for a great phone for me?  I almost got the Rumour from Sprint earlier this year, and I think that the phone would have been just fine for me.  I am interested in phones that are on the Sprint/Nextel or AT&T networks in particular, but we are not tied to any contract, so we are willing to search out the best phones to fit our needs on pretty much any network.  I am not too picky, but the options that I would like to have on my next phone are:  1. a camera, and 2. a keyboard.

Thanks in advance!

* I have lost my phone several times in the past few months alone (I no longer have a phone clip for it, and it is falling out of my pockets without me noticing).  As I write this, my cellphone is MIA.  It could be in my truck.  It could be at my parent’s house, or maybe my in-law’s house.  Or, *shudder* it could be in a snow bank outside of one of their houses, which means that this matter has become exponentially more crucial to me.



  1. […] My cellphone was found. One of my guesses regarding its whereabouts was correct, as it was in the snow outside of my in-law’s barn.  I […]

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