Posted by: Amanda | November 25, 2008

Family Pajamas?

As I was perusing The Children’s Place website recently in a search for potential clothing for Gabriel, I noticed that The Children’s Place is selling pajamas for adults now, so that “even mom and dad can get in on the fun!”

Take a look for yourself.

Now, we like the pajamas from The Children’s Place very much FOR GABRIEL, but I cannot imagine J.R. or myself making good use of their pajamas for adults.  From my experience, adults like comfy clothes, and pajama pants are a favorite staple of my own wardrobe for at home use, but pajama pants are the only part of a pajama set that I would wear.  Thinking back over my years during junior high, high school, and college, I cannot remember seeing anyone wear a matched pajama set beyond middle school, unless it was for “pajama day” at school, or something of a similar nature.

The “family” in the promotional photo on The Children’s Place website looks kind of cute (though not particularly excited) wearing a matched set of pajamas.  Perhaps my personal experience with adults and pajamas is not the norm?  Are there families out there that wear coordinated pajamas because that is just what they do on a regular basis?  Maybe there is someone out there who can enlighten me – or maybe the concept of “family pajamas” will fade away altogether.  As you can guess, I would not be surprised if the latter happens.

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