Posted by: Amanda | November 28, 2008

7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 3

It’s 7 Quick Takes Friday again!  Head on over to Conversion Diary to see everyone else who is participating this week.

1. Our Thanksgiving went well. We had an enjoyable time with family, and partook of a feast that was everything that I predicted it would be.  We did have a minor glitch in that the car got a flat tire on Wednesday night, but all was taken care of by the Wal-Mart Tire and Lube Center.

2. It makes no sense (or cents) for the Wal-Mart Tire Center to be open on Thanksgiving, at least in our town. Note that I am not complaining since we required their services yesterday and that we may not have attended the family Thanksgiving I mentioned in #1 had they not been open.  The gentleman who fixed our tire told J.R. that he has worked the past three Thanksgivings, and that NOBODY has ever came in to have their car fixed on Thanksgiving day.  It does not take a mathematician to determine that fixing one tire at $9.50 and paying a worker at least minimum wage for the entire day (they did not even have a short work day for the holiday!) equates into a net loss.  Additionally, they did not even plan on anyone coming in, as it required two workers’ signatures in order to release the tire, and only one worker was there, so J.R. was held up for twenty minutes while they got a worker from a different department to sign off on the purchase.

3. My cellphone was found. One of my guesses regarding its whereabouts was correct, as it was in the snow outside of my in-law’s barn.  I expected to find that my phone had finally “died.” I took out the battery and SIM card, let it dry out/warm up, put it back together, charged it, and found that it was actually working better than when I lost it, however.  I imagine that the phone suffered some water damage, but at least I can limp along with it for a little while longer until I decide what to replace it with.

4. The Housing Search of 2008 continues. We have a few viable options, but nothing that makes us want to move, even though we should.  We had decided to go with the house that I mentioned last week, and acted on our decision promptly, but have reason to believe that someone else got to it before us. I have a couple of places that I will be checking out in the next few days, however, so we are hoping that one of them leads to a winning solution.

5. Gabriel and I did a little Black Friday shopping today.  Since we live in a town that is close to a large city, most people head to the large city to shop, which equates into the ability to get good deals without waking up super early (or even in the morning, for most deals).  Both Gabriel and I have new winter coats courtesy of our shopping excursion, though it does not seem quite right that my coat cost less than his.

6.  The majority of my Christmas shopping is done already. I pick up things throughout the year as they are on sale/clearance for most gifts, including birthdays, Christmas, and pretty much everything else if I know far enough ahead of time to plan for it.  One of the best gift basket ideas that I have found is to do an “Our first Christmas” basket for wedding presents.  If you wait until the 75% clearance (usually around January 1), you can make a really nice gift basket for a quarter of the retail price, or give someone much “more” than you would be able to budget normally.

7.  It is November 28. This means that I have completed NaBloPoMo almost!  It also means that that I am about to begin into Project Advent 2008, during which time I plan to work toward rejuvenating my spiritual life.


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