Posted by: Amanda | December 7, 2008

Project Advent 2008 – Week I Self-Review

In order to better monitor my progress this Advent, I will be checking in with a weekly self-review of how well I am (or am not) doing in regards to my Advent goals this year.

Project Advent 2008 is going so-so.  I have been contemplating the coming of Christ and its impact on my life, I have stuck to my modified “fast” (no junk food), but my daily reading has not happened every day.  I am sure to read the missed passage, but part of the purpose of the reading exercise was to 1. discipline myself to do some spiritual reading every day, and 2. to contemplate the passage during my daily activities. If I miss my passage one day, I am not quite accomplishing what I wanted to.  I am doing more spiritual reading than before, however, so I have taken a step in the right direction.

As you can probably guess, my particular goal for this week is to remember to take the time for my spiritual reading every day.



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