Posted by: Amanda | December 14, 2008

Project Advent 2008 – Week II Review

Although I could tell you about my week and outline at least a couple of seemingly-good excuses regarding why I did not manage to complete my daily spiritual reading as I set out to do, I am certain that God would not buy them.  If I was to discuss my lack of spiritual reading, despite my talk about how I was going to do better this week, with God, it would sound something like this:

Me:  You see, I did not feel well for a couple of days, and I was really busy with…

God:  You could not manage to read a page or two of a daily spiritual meditation, yet you found time to check email and blogs?

Me:  Ummm…..

So this week I am going to try completing my spiritual reading and meditation from a different angle.   I plan on using the Catholic Update along with The Journey as my guide, hopefully this will enable me to complete my daily spiritual reading and meditation as I had planned for this Advent.  I’ll check in again next week to let you know how my spiritual preparation for Christmas is going.



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