Posted by: Amanda | January 23, 2009

‘Back to School’

J.R. and I are both back to taking college courses this semester.  I am taking only a couple of online courses as a personal enrichment sort of thing (Developing Pages for the Web, for example – a topic that intrigues me and will have personal application for my life, but probably will not become a business venture).  J.R., on the other hand, will complete his photography degree next semester (Fall, 2009).  He plans on doing portrait, wedding, and event photography for the most part.  J.R. has been doing some senior pictures and is booked for a couple of weddings this summer.  Hopefully this will become a full-time career for him, as he enjoys photography very much.

Between work and taking night classes, J.R. is gone three nights a week right now.  Gabriel has taken up staying awake until after J.R. gets home in order to see/spend time with him.  I’ll try to put him to bed, but it’s no dice.  The biggest problem with this is that I am on Gabriel-duty all day long with the exception of his nap until late at night.  Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?  So far I have tried letting him get rather tired and putting him to bed, but Gabriel will hear J.R. get home and actually wake back up to see his father.  It’s sweet, but not cool to have a one and a half year old awake at 11:00 p.m. or later.


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