Posted by: Amanda | March 29, 2009

Moving Update

Everything went through with the move earlier this month as planned.  There were the usual hitches that come with any move, but we have adjusted to life in our new home and town rather well.

A few upsides of our new home:

– J.R.’s commute to work is less than five minutes (versus 25 minutes).

– We live closer to family and friends.

– Our housing costs have been cut drastically.

A few downsides of our new home:

– We are sorely lacking in space.  I would be happy if only we had more closet space, for the most part.

– Sometimes we miss the “buffer zone” that living further from family and friends provided us – insofar as we prefer planning social activities rather than finding ourselves in them.

– The location is not as convenient.  Any parish that meets our criteria is about a half-hour away, and the same holds true for most other things:  grocery shopping, etc.

– Our cell phone service stinks inside our house.  This is a problem because we do not have a landline.


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