Posted by: Amanda | June 24, 2009

My First Yard Sale

Even though we moved into our home in March, it has taken until now for me to really start to feel “settled.”  You see, the man who owned the house before us left A LOT of random stuff (better known as junk to most people).  So, along with needing to unpack our things, we have also had to get rid of his things.  Last week I had a yard sale that helped to keep most of the random stuff that he left behind out of landfils, downsize the number of our own items that we did not really need, and raise some money.

This was the first yard sale that I have ever hosted, and I was a bit surprised at some of the items that did sell/did not sell.  For example:

1. My in-laws sold an old, somewhat broken-down couch that smelled of dog and was covered in dog hair for more than they bought it for at a garage sale three years ago.  Honestly, I was amazed that it sold – I would not have taken it had it been free.

2. The old man left two or three dozen partially-used bottles of random chemical-based cleaners, nearly all of which sold for $0.25 each.  We prefer to use natural cleaners, and thus had no use for them.

3. The single-nicest item that the old man left behind was a simple round table.  It did not have any chairs, but came with a leaf which allowed expansion.  If we did not already have a much nicer family heirloom table with matching chairs, we would have kept it.  Nobody bought the table despite the fact that it was a very reasonable price (I would have been willing to give it away, to avoid putting it back away).  We really needed to sell that table too, because of storage issues.


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