Posted by: Amanda | July 3, 2009

Twenty-three Months

Gabriel is approaching his second birthday quickly, and has grown up so very much in the past several months.

  • He will repeat nearly anything that he hears, and is understood by most.
  • Gabriel has taken to really enjoying reading now as well (toys have held his attention much better than books for the majority of his life, even though we have made a point of reading to him).
  • Last month he was the ring-bearer in J.R.’s cousin’s wedding, and did a very good job, particularly considering his age.
  • Going to garage sales is one of his favorite activities.  This is likely influenced by the fact that it is a weekly family ritual and that my mother-in-law often accompanies us (she likes buying Gabriel at least one toy per day that strikes his fancy).
  • He is a zillion times more independent than he was at even twenty months, but he is still “our little boy” or “buddy.”

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