Posted by: Amanda | July 28, 2009

Gabriel and Trains

Gabriel’s fascination with trains began around the end of last year, when J.R. and I selected the Fisher Price Animal Train as one of Gabriel’s Christmas gifts.  After we moved, Gabriel’s interest in “toot-toots” grew, as we live near the train track that runs through our town.  Although we seldom notice the train unless we are outside, we have learned to listen for trains so that Gabriel can see one when it goes by, as he enjoys watching them so much.

This past weekend saw large crowds and steam engines roaring through town twice per day, as the Train Festival was taking place.  Gabriel and I saw the grand old trains every time that one went by (which would be eight), and his interest in trains has sky-rocketed to new levels over the past several days.  Thanks to his recent experience with trains, when we ask Gabriel what a train “says,” his reply is “whooo-whooo!” instead of “toot-toot.”   Sure, these engines were much louder than what he was used to (and thus somewhat intimidating), but there was something much more grand about these trains that has drawn our whole family to enjoy his interest more.  Next year we hope to take him to the train festival.


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