Posted by: Amanda | September 10, 2009

Third Trimester

I am in the late third trimester of my pregnancy now, and feeling great, all things considered.  Yes, there is the backache and large stomach getting in the way these days, but things are going very well.

Somehow, I have managed to avoid the swelling that plagued me the last couple of months that I was pregnant with Gabriel.  At least part of this is due to the mild summer that we had and my not being due until October this time around, but I am still surprised to have seemed to escaped it entirely.  Also, thanks to the morning-sickness-induced weight loss early in the pregnancy, I have managed to only put back on the weight that I lost during the first trimester.  Again, in comparison to my first pregnancy, it seems odd to consider that I will end this pregnancy at a lower weight than I started it at.*

I feel a little guilty about all of the things that we did not do as well with this time around, however.  Tummy pictures were much rarer, my blogging records are severely lacking in comparison, and we have spent very little time pouring over names this time around.  Make no mistake, however, this little one will be loved no less.

*Note:  Due to lack of motivation, breastfeeding, etc. I never did lose all of the weight that I gained from my first pregnancy, so there is techinically “baby weight” to be lost still.


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